Graduiertenkolleg "Politik der Translation"

Research Training Group "Politics of Translation"

The Research Training Group "Politics of Translation" is established by the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz to promote young researchers in the areas of Translation Studies, Linguitics and Cultural Studies. The research group is funded by the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers for a period of up to two years. It is based at Faculty 06: Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies in Germersheim.

Its aim is to consider the political aspects of both oral and written translation. The group uses as its working hypothesis the assumption that previous interpretations of the concept of translation do not adequately take into consideration the challenges of an increasingly accelerating rate of international networking and globalization. The lmajor goal of the research group is thus to outline a definition of translation that takes into account actors, processes, and products of translation in complex socio-political contexts.